Luis Alt on Serving Well to Always Serve

Luis Alt from Live|Work in Brazil gave an awkwardly placed presentation during the Methods and Tools session that was almost certainly intended for the Selling Service Design session across campus. He acknowledged the complete mismatch without any real explanation and directed us to the Live|Work website to learn more about tools and methods.

Instead, he started with a question: why do you do service design? He spent most of the presentation focusing on the emerging climate for service design in Brazil and sharing some ideas from his upcoming book.

Rather than summarize a Service Design 101 talk, I’ll follow his advice and direct you to Live|Work’s website for more on service design tools and methods.

  1. Luis said at the start of the talk that he had been moved to another slot at short notice.

  2. He did say that. But the printed program doesn’t indicate any last-minute move. It’s entirely possible that there was a categorization error but that was the title of the talk he was scheduled to give, in the room he was scheduled to give it. The talk just wasn’t about tools or methods.

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